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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Travelling with allergies part 8: A big suprise

"Hi there!

Sorry it's been a while, but I've got so much to tell you....some very interesting developments have taken place!

We were fortunate with our stay in Singapore as friends of Ollie's lived there so we stayed with them...which for us travellers was a week of luxury being in someone's home!

Arriving in Singapore we were greeted with tall, shiny, clean and efficient buildings and services. After a short drive to Penny and Davis's house lunch was in order so we headed to a local food court where Penny who is Singaporean was able to take me through many of the dishes and their ingredients. I didn't have translation cards for here as Penny was more than willing to help when required.

Another luxury of Singapore was that the majority of people speak English which made everything a whole lot easier! We took the MRT which is a more efficient and cleaner version of the tube in London into the central shopping area giving us the chance to browse the many familiar shops found back in the UK. That evening Penny and David treated us to steaks at a top Singaporean restaurant which was one of the best steak meals I've ever had. The menu was written in English and staff were fluent English speaking making ordering simple. Top marks Singapore!
The city at night

The following day started English style with toast, marmalade and coffee before venturing out on the MRT with the first task to find the post office. I sent all my winter clothing to Christchurch in New Zealand to lighten my load so after some squeezing we fitted it all into a tiny box.

That afternoon we went in search of squash courts but only found a swimming pool so enjoyed a few hours relaxing in that before returning home. Penny was cooking dinner consisting of beef, potatoes, vegetables which was lovely and felt very British.

Day three we woke early to drive to get breakfast with David. We had curry and pork for breakfast which was a strange experience yes surprisingly enjoyable. We were able to ask if there were nuts used in the curry which there wasn't so after a warm spicy breakfast Penny and David took us on a drive to Mt Faber which allowed stunning views over the city.

The next day was my birthday but Penny and David had work so they treated me to an early present of lunch in a top buffet restaurant in Marina Sands Resort, a stunning 57 floor building with rooftop pool. I was able to ask the staff about ingredients used in the dishes and another benefit being the English speaking waiters. I was able to choose what I wanted to eat and with such a wide range of dishes there was lots to enjoy.

The afternoon finished enjoying the famous Singapore Sling at Raffels hotel. Dinner wasn't really required that evening as we had eaten so much for lunch, but we took a river cruse which was fantastic and offered a great view of the sky scrapers by boat.
Singapore Slings all round!

My birthday began with breakfast in bed with a huge bacon sandwich with candles in with Ollie singing happy birthday! After that wonderful taste of home we headed to Sentosa island for the day to visit Universal Studios. We had great fun there, reminding my self I'm still a child at heart. Dinner we enjoyed at Penny and Davids flat before going to watch the lights show in the marina. That evening Penny's daughter took us out to celebrate my 19th Singapore style in their bars and clubs.

Our final full day didn't begin in a hurry, we headed to the supermarket where we each purchased foods reminding us of home. All the products had English  ingredients reminding me life back in the UK. For dinner Penny had prepared a hot chicken curry, potatoes, duck and more wonderful dishes.

Out stay in Singapore had come to an end, we were very fortunate to have stayed with Penny and David who gave us a great tour of their city. We of course were spoilt a fair bit but couldn't complain after over two months ruffing it. It mad a lovely change to be in a home before continuing to Australia and New Zealand.

Although I had the luxury of being with Penny who is Singaporean, this country would be easily manageable without her help. Almost everyone speaks some degree of English and there is a wide range of dishes from around the world, making this one country you should definitely consider visiting if you're affected by severe allergy...and after all it is one of the top hospitals in the world should anything go wrong! 

Farewell Ollie :'(
So, what's this big development you ask? Well, after 4 long months of travelling together, my travel buddy Ollie has made the decision to return home to prepare for university. I've decided to keep going solo and have made even more exciting plans for my time in Australia. Don't expect me back any time soon England!

Let the adventure continue down under...

Stephen :)"

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  1. Hi - thanks for writing this blog! I've learned about the Frio wallets which we will need when we take our newly diagnosed peanut/nut allergic 8 month old baby to South-East Asia soon. It's really good to hear that you are able to travel as you are, as we're worried about all the things she will be missing out on!

    Just one query....are you also allergic to peanuts? I can't help noticing that you're in Raffles having a Singapore Sling and from what I remember, there are peanuts on all the tables and all over the floor there!

    Thanks again and we will be continuing to follow your blog!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    The Frio pouch I use is perfect, really easy to use and maintain. I'm also allergic to peanuts along with all other nuts and your right about the Singapore sling! In Raffles there are peanuts on all the tables free to eat and shells all one the floor adding to the atmosphere. I knew already I was not sensitive to contact with nuts and the people I was with were already aware of my allergy so were extra careful. There are no nuts by the drinks area so happily ordered a drink which was fine :)

    As a little tip, I would strongly recommend translation cards to ensure the restaurants understand what you saying.

    I hope you and your family have a fantastic time in Asia and if you have any more questions please do ask.

    Safe travels!