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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Travelling with allergies part 10: ROOOOOAAAAD TRIIPPPP!!!

"Hi again!

Soooo where to begin since I last wrote...

Hmmm, well, we began out road trip with a day trip to Stradbroke island, where after a short ferry we spent the day enjoying the sun before cooking dinner. We had brought an eski with us which is a common sight here as these cooler boxes somehow keep out food cool for the day so we could enjoy a delicious BBQ as the sun set. Cooking our own food has been so simple and I can see exactly what's safe to eat by cooking  fresh meats and salads which are delicious....mmmmmmm!

From there, we headed south from Brisbane the following day to Byron Bay taking a route through mountains with stunning views where we walked down a gorge to a waterfall for a swim before arriving at the hipster seaside town of Byron Bay where we assembled our tent for the first time. It was about 41 degrees and at times just seemed too hot to do anything...I'm sure I almost melted!

After a session trying to erect our tent, we headed to the supermarket to get dinner which we cooked on one of the many BBQs around. Tucking into chicken and wraps was delicious and an easy meal before the not so easy task of attempting to sleep in the humid 34 degree heat. Byron was an awesome small town with a very relaxed, hippy feel, were life seems to run at its own pace, so we enjoyed a couple of days there, seeking out some stunning golden beaches and bays.

A few hours further down the Gold Coast we arrived at Moonee Beach, which was the most incredible looking stretches of coastline I've ever seen. We couldn't resist a stay here so set up camp right away. After a refreshing swim, we cooked a dinner of pork kebabs and vegetables which we made our self. Dining out in Australia is expensive and considered luxury so for us road tripping and backpacking, cooking for yourself is the easiest and by far cheapest (and most fun!) way to eat. For breakfast before setting of to our next destination we had cereal (checked for ingredients of course) in cups with UHT milk which was a fine start to the day.

We went on for a brief visit to Coffs Harbour on the way to Port Macquarie, where we pitched camp for two nights. This camp was in a perfect beach location and we completed a 6km walk along the coast enjoying sandwiches at a viewpoint before walking back. The weather had cooled down with even the odd cloud in the sky, so we went to town having cooked sausages, bacon, tomatoes enjoyed with a fresh loaf of bread.

We continued further south settling for two nights at Hawks Bay, which was about as far south as we travelled. We watched dolphins in the bay as the sun set both evenings which was outstanding. We enjoyed tacos and beef one evening and a chicken marinade the other. Eating here is just like being back in the UK in terms of reading ingredients and checking for my allergens, so it's been a real break after some of those more tricky to navigate. 

Leaving Hawks, we headed inland to the famous wine territory of Hunter Valley. We visited a number of vineyards and stunning sceneries before setting off in the afternoon on the New England Highway to head back to Brisbane where Ashleigh lives. We had little intention to see anything on our way back so this straight fast road was the perfect return journey and gave me a perfect view of  true Australian countryside. We stopped for one night and snacked through the day on our way back enjoying our road trip music sing-a-longs and snacks galore.

All in all, a wonderful two week road trip, with some excellent spots visited on the way! I'm really enjoying my time here and will now be looking for work for a month with my friend Josh who I was with in Thailand. We hope to find fruit picking or restaurant work around Brisbane so I'll let you know how that goes.

Return soon for an exciting update (and hopefully work filled) entry!

Stephen :)"

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  1. When we went to Australia we couldn't find cereal without a "may contain" warning - so breakfast was pancakes or bacon sandwiches. antas had a very unhelpful steward who wouldnt ask the people who opened a pound bag of peanuts on the flight not to eat them. They stopped when I asked.